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The Step 2 Club

After attending quite a few CA/AA meetings to support a friend , I found myself wanting to help all the amazing and inspiring people who were brave enough to attend the weekly meetings with step 2 of the 12 step programme...

It hit me that there are a lot of people who haven't yet signed up to a sponsor or taken the whole process further and are only attending the weekly meetings , hesitant of what the journey to recovery and help involves. After speaking to a few people , the common issue seems to be the word God , or the fact that the whole process seems to need religious or spiritual belief....and this is scaring a lot of people away.... 

Step 2 states " We came to be aware that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity "

I want to bring Brian to all these people who stepped bravely into the room for help with their addictions , only to feel unworthy or fearful of being able to connect to a higher source. It struck me that Brians way of teaching us all to connect as humans to the universe is an easy private and individual way for everyone to see how loved and amazing they are , at their own pace.

I want to offer a free set of instructional videos for anyone to watch on here from the comfort of their home at anytime that suits them. 

I dont want payment , and I dont even need you to sign up or register. I dont need to know who is watching the videos and I have no way of finding that out.


I just hope that Brian will help at least one person watching our videos to be able to feel the love the universe has for them, and enable them to sign up with a sponsor on the official 12 step programme.

This is not intended to replace the AA or the CA , I am hoping it brings people the ability to get past step 2 and truly be able to find their way back to having an awesome healthy life.

Love, Rhiannon xx

Video 1 The Step 2 Club

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