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Papaya Leaf Powder

As most of you know I was diagnosed with COPD over 10 years ago , and rely on my inhalers to simply be able to breathe and speak each morning. I am a smoker and yes yes I know , i need to quit lol , however hear me out.

A polish friend of mine who i work with , casually came up to me as I was taking another puff on my inhaler and said " Ahhh parasites in lungs ? You need Papaya leaf powder for 10 days"

I replied with the usual WTF look , and explained no I dont have fucking parasites I have COPD. She smiled and said " In my country we all know that breathing problems like asthma and COPD come from parasites in the lungs - you have pets ? ( yes 2 dogs ) Well , you worm them but not yourself enough ? 

I was taken in by her matter of factness and thought , sod it , i will try anything right now as I can only ever fire off half my lungs and would kill for a proper stress free draw of breathe.

I ordered from ( I or she have no link to this company whatsoever, there are other suppliers too ) , paid my £5 and waited for it to arrive.

She told me to take 1 heaped teaspoon once a day for 10 days whatever way I could get it down me. 

Well......... she didnt tell me it looked and tasted like green sand !!! I had to mix that shite in with yoghurt, honey anything ! to try and hide the sand , but it all ended up looking like a bowl of wet cement. I necked it , determined to put an end to my lung issue.

Guys........ day 3 and I could breathe. I was still taking my prescription meds , because I couldnt walk without them, so I wasnt stupid enough to stop them.....However I did find myself able to walk swiftly and smoothly up a slope for the first time in over a decade without getting out of breath.

Not wanting to get too excited as it was early days , I carried on taking it and by day 5 i could take a deep breathe of fresh air and feel the lung capacity had doubled. This made me so excited I stopped my meds that day ...... I was even walking briskly with my dogs and began to jog for the first time in eternity . 

Day 7 , no meds , and just this bowl of papaya leaf mix with yoghurt I was on cloud nine. I lost weight , my stomach was no longer bloated - it always has been thanks to IBS , and my BP went from a regular 80 down to 60bpm, I felt calm , and could breathe like a normal person completely med free....

Day 10 the last day , I began to cough up a lot of mucus , disgusting I know but important to document - it was constant and all day long. The worst bit ........... it had tiny black lines in it .

Now if you google mucus with black lines in it , you will see it says get to your doctor urgently you have lung cancer. However I knew this was a good thing that these black bits were coming out finally ... so I carried on googling and came across a forum where someone asked for help with this as hed just given up smoking 3 weeks prior and was panicking . A doctor answered and said dont panic , keep going , it is perfectly normal as the tar is disslodging from your lungs... it should stop after about 2 months......

And it sure did stop after 2 months , to my shame I am still smoking , however all the disgusting black  lines in gunk carried on coming out daily for 2 months solid..... 

I can still breathe , I still dont take my meds and yes I still smoke.

This has transformed my life and I have shared it with as many people as I can , because its the best £5 I have ever spent. 

Apparently you are meant to take it just twice a year for the 10 day period , so I will be back on it in a few months time. I have now had my teenage son on it and he also ended up coughing up the same black little lines !!!!!! but not as long as I was , and I have even given it to both of my dogs. Sorry for the graphic description but the size of the dead worms in their poop after a few days was vile !!!!!!

My friend says it gets rid of parasites anywhere in the body , including in the digestive system of course - give it a try but be warned , its like eating green sand !! 

I have pointed so many of you to this wonderful supplier of natural vitamins and minerals during readings and healing sessions , that I thought it would be useful if I share the link here for everyone.

This is the only company I use personally and for my healing clients.

The strength and quality of each supplement is tenfold to any over the counter remedy you can buy and you will notice the benefits quickly.

Clean,  pure and natural and incredibly effective due to the strength.

Rhiannon Recommends


To help as many people as possible stay healthy, happy and healed.

My Advice - google and research what vitamin or mineral you need for your particular health issue. Do your own research and get to understand what your body is needing in order to fix itself.

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